The School Journey

Purposeful Positive Education

Positive Psychology journey for teachers– In this 6 month journey, teachers will learn and practice flourishing skills together and individually before implementing the skills into their classrooms. Teachers can expect to leave with concrete ways to increase positive emotion, combat negative self talk, deepen relationships, increase resilience, create positive habits, recognize and encourage character strengths, and cultivate mindfulness in their own lives as well as the lives of their students.

Building stronger relationships on your Admin Team–Relationships are at the core of a successful school and the Administrative Team models from the top down. In this one day workshop, your admin team will work on specific relationship strengthening techniques and will strengthen their ability to work together as a team as well as work well with those faculty whom they oversee.  They will also learn how to be Social Emotional Leaders.

Increasing Community Engagement– Every school wants the whole community engaged in learning and caring for each other. In this 2 day experience for administrators and teachers, we will work on building positive emotion, specific relationship building techniques, creating positive habits, recognizing and encouraging character strengths, and cultivating mindfulness.

Just for you and your school community– All schools are unique so I am happy to design an experience based on your needs.